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Product code: SDV-480
Manufacturer: VISIO

Smart drive SDV-480 is a 4CH constant voltage drive



  • Multi-control mode: MANUAL mode,DMX control mode, DALI control mode, 0-10V control mode
  • DMX control mode: you can set DMX output mode and DMX input mode, for example, the channel mode of your LED luminary is RGBW, then you can set the channel as RGBW , and the input mode 4C+D or RGBW
  • DALI control mode: your LED fixtures can control under DALI signal
  • 0-10V mode: with a 0-10V external device, you can control brightness of all luminaries
  • MANUAL mode: you can set brightness manually
  • Default set: reset your power drive
  • White balance: adjust brightness for all luminaries under all modes
  • Fixture Type: Single color / 2 color / RGB / RGBW
  • Channel mode: RGB / RGBD, RGBW / RGBWD, D (4CH), WWWW, CW-WW, CT-D
  • Use SDV-480-PSU ( optionnal )




  • Power input: DC 12V-48V
  • Power Output: Constant Voltage
  • Max. Output: 5A single output, 10A total output
  • Dimensioins: 210.5 x 51.6 x 33.2 mm
  • Weight: 0.25 kg



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