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Product code: CA-REC
Manufacturer: Acme

DMX RECORDER is designed to record DMX programmed shows in real time


  • One DMX input for recording the DMX signal in real time, one Dmx output & one DMX through
  • Standard Midi interface, Midi in/out and through enabling many DMX recorders to record & replay lighting shows synchronously
  • 3 operation functions: Record, Play & Edit
  • 4 play modes: Solo run mode, DMX monitor mode, DMX in run mode & DMX/MIDI trigger mode
  • Built-in clock to turn on & turnoff the shows at our required times: 3 timing/day, 21 timing/week
  • CF card for recording the programs, it  can be uploaded to PC


  • Power supply: DC9V-15V 800mA
  • Size: 255 x 133 x 66 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kgs


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