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Product code: SS3R
Manufacturer: NOVOPRO

SS3R  A pair of premium speaker stands with air cushioning, auto-lock ratchet system and carry bag


  • Premium grade speaker stands - engineered to a high standard
  •  Air cushioned system to eliminate sudden drops and ease of use
  •  Patented Novopro auto-lock ratchet system for a fast and easy setup
  •  All metal stand construction
  •  Up to 2 metre stand height
  •  Has the industry standard, 35mm Ø top pole mounting, for universal compatibility
  •  Includes a carry bag to store both stands for easy transport


  • Height: 1250mm – 2000mm / 49 – 78.7 inches
  •  Maximum load: 40Kg / 88lb
  •  Material: Ø 35mm / 1.37 inches aluminium pole and steel outer pole
  •  Surface and colour: black powder coated
  •  Weight: 3.7Kg / 8lb 2.5oz




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