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Code produit: PS1XL-SB
Manufacturier: NOVOPRO

PS1XL-SB   Spare black  scrim for the award winning Novopro PS1XL


Black stretchable scrim tailored to fit a PS1XL stand*

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 68 inches (30x30x172cm)

Make your Novopro PS1XL look even more professional with the replacement black scrim

Easy to put on and remove from the Novopro PS1XL

Stand out at your next event

Simply slide on or off the top of the PS1XL with ease

Treated with a fire retardant finish

Hand/machine washable at 30 degrees

(a suitable fire retardant spray must be re-applied after washing)

Each Novopro PS1XL-bk

includes the following:

1 x black scrim







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