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Product Return

Before returning a product that you believe to be defective, please contact our technical service team at 1-800-263-6091, extension 104, to evaluate the nature of the problem and receive, if needed, a return of merchandise authorization form (RMA).

An minimum estimate fee of $25 will be charged as well as all repairs due to negligence, such as faulty fuse replacement, lamps, or cleaning.

If the product is on warranty, we will assume transport charges. If the product is not guaranteed, LC Group will inform you of the repair and transport fees that will be charged to your account

Return of goods

LC Group reserves the right to refuse any parcel without a return authorization number (RMA). As a consequence, you must first obtain an RMA by contacting our technical service team at 1-800-263-6091, extension 104, before shipping a product.

Place the product in its original box along with all of its accessories. LC Group will not be held responsible for any damage during transportation. Please note that carrying firms can refuse any claim if the packing is inadequate, even if the parcel is insured.

Once you’ve made sure that the parcel is adequately packed, indicate the RMA number both on the parcel and on the packing list.

Ship the parcel at your charge at the following address:

Technical Service
LC Group
422, Chemin des Prairies
Joliette (Québec)